Cagamas Skim Saraan Bercagar (“SSB”) and Skim Saraan Bercagar Islamik (“SSB-i”) participation at the AgExpo 2023

AgExpo 2023

Cagamas participated in a booth exhibition in conjunction with the AgExpo 2023 which was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 28 April 2023 – 1 May 2023. During the four-day event, Cagamas’ officers took the opportunity to promote and educate the public, particularly senior citizens about SSB/SSB-i. As part of SSB/SSB-i public programme during AgExpo 2023, Vice President, Core & Structured Business, Jocelyn Chew, gave a presentation on SSB/SSB-i which is a reverse mortgage scheme to help elderly homeowners supplement their retirement.