Sensory Workshop at IDEAS Autism Centre, Nilai

Sensory Workshop at IDEAS Autism Centre, Nilai

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate volunteer day (CVD), Cagamas supported a collaboration between IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC) and Incitement Malaysia-Urban Hijau to build Malaysia’s first sensory garden designed for children with autism at IAC branch in Nilai. 

Joined by 16 participants from Cagamas, the CVD was conducted by Urban Hijau, an urban agriculture and sustainability centre based in Kuala Lumpur. The workshop's central theme incorporated sensory learning, namely sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste, into IAC’s edible garden project.

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The sensory garden will assist in regulating emotions, reducing rigidity, and fostering a sense of safety and calm for autistic children, and is also open to the community of parents, educators, therapists, and caretakers of autistic children in the surrounding area.

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The day began with an enlightening briefing on the essence and significance of sensory learning, setting the stage for what the participants hoped to achieve. This was followed by a comprehensive tour of the IAC, including the edible sensory garden and introductions to the Centre’s teachers and children.

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Participants were divided into two groups for the day and engaged in hands-on activities. This included the creation of wind chimes by repurposing everyday materials such as drink cans and painting a custom-designed mural wall, meant to be an extension of the edible garden, utilising bright colours suited to autistic children. These activities not only enhanced the aesthetics of the site but provided a multi-sensory experience for the children.


The participants resumed their activities after lunch and prayer break by putting the finishing touches on the mural wall painting, as well as planting of corn and okra using compost and goat manure. 

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The day concluded with a debrief and sharing of testimonies from participants. Beyond imparting practical skills, this workshop underscored the pivotal role of sensory learning in educational environments, especially for children on the autism spectrum.

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